Who we are

Astiki Mi Kerdoskopiki Eteria En Gnosi (short: “En Gnosi”) is located in Amindeo, a municipality with 5 lakes, in the prefecture of Western Macedonia, Greece.

Two of its head members reside in Kastoria, a beautiful town 70 Km away from Amindeo. This fact, gives En Gnosi a wider area for primal action on a local level, and allows for better interregional communication and cooperation, with the aim of development for a wider geographical area.
En Gnosi aims to undertake the management and implementation of local, regional, national and EU funded programs and initiatives.

Νυμφαίο 8The main field of action for En Gnosi is lifelong learning and adult education since most of its head members have been working for many years in this field.

For the accomplishment of our aims, we cooperate with governmental, municipal, private and non governmental bodies from abroad and Hellas.