Astiki Mi Kerdoskopiki Eteria En Gnosi (short: En Gnosi) is based in Amindeo of Florina, a municipality of 5 lakes in the prefecture of Western Macedonia in Hellas.Basic scope of En Gnosi is to contribute in the creation of a climate of development in the area, through the supply of education and life long learning for adults and teenagers, based in actions of education, practice, internship, voluntarism and participation.Αμύνταιο Λίμνη βαρκάρης

Through the field of lifelong learning (and not only), we are active in sectors such as, tourism, unemployment, intercultural communication, environment, culture, elimination of social exclusion, social awareness and care, solidarity, support of senior citizens, sensitive and disadvantaged groups, support of groups with special characteristics (religious, cultural, racial, sexual), equality, civil consumer and human rights, health, nutrition, voluntarism and networking of social economy organizations, and whatever can help in improvement of the life in our area.


Αμύνταιο Χάρτης