UpTourAgent – Αναβάθμιση Τουριστικών Επιχειρήσεων

The purpose of the mobility plan entitled “Professional Upgrade of Travel Agencies – UpTourAgent” is the participation of 15 people from Tourist offices and agencies of northern Greece, with priority to participate given to those agencies and officers that are based in Western Macedonia, where En Gnosi operates. The 15 people will be owners or executives or employees high in the hierarchy of travel agencies, and are knowledgeable of the jobs in question so within the span of two weeks they can learn and assimilate as much as possible new knowledge and be able to communicate this knowledge to other employees within the company.
The placements will be in Germany, with host organisation which operates in the field of adult education.
Participants in Germany will attend lectures acquiring knowledge on issues directly related to German and Greek tourist offices. The participants will be placed in the above mentioned placement companies, where they will do their practical training.
The expected results are for the participant tourist offices to improve their professional capacities and efficiency, to create new partnerships between Greece and Germany with long-term effect of increasing visitors to alternative tourism, which in turn will boost the economy of the Greek countryside, and especially the Greek rural areas, where alternative tourism is considered as the main touristic product.