Grandchildren – Grandparents

Grandchildren – Grandparents

En Gnosi, sensitized in the needs:

1) Of the senior citizens aged 55+ for knowledge of use of computers, and especially for the use of intenet,

2) The youngsters, aged 15-30 years old, for creative action,

created and implements the project Grandchildren – Grandparents (Digital literacy for adults aged 55+),

with a double skope:

For the senior citizens: To teach the use of computers and internet to adults aged 55+, so they are able for example to use te internet facilities of the public services (submission of tax declaration, printing of the vehicle tax, etc), to be able to find whatever informations they need or want and also to read the last news of the independent journalism.

For the youngsters: The creative occupation in actions that benefit and offer to the community and to themselves, by being active as trainers in a field that the love and know very well: Internet.

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