Use your creativity

Aim of the project was to gather socioeconomic marginalized youth from different countries and that through exchange of experiences; practical work and creative work develop their competences in order to improve their own socioeconomic situation.

The main theme of our project is development of creativity and entrepreneurship competences as a tool for improvement of participant’s socioeconomic difficulties. During implementation of designed activities / handling different creative methods young people have learn how to old, thrown away things “fresh up” and make them again useful. Further participants had learn how can they the same crafts / items and their creativity promote and offer / sell on online and offline market.

The MAIN OBJECTIVE of our project: Encouraging economic empowerment of young people through the development of creativity and entrepreneurial initiatives / capacities. Participants of this project in majority were young people from 18 to 25 years old. Young people have money issues or would like to improve their creativity and entrepreneurship skills in a way that they can use competences gained on this project to earn some extra money (more than they have now) to improve thyself socioeconomic position. So, what we have done here.. We had shown young people how to make useful crafts / items from the old items that are not in use but also some items that are brand new. They have learn work on at least 4 methods of transferring / creating crafts / items during which they have individually or in a small groups created more crafts / items.

Beside creative and practical workshops had an opportunity to interact / visit local creative enthusiast / entrepreneurs from which they could “still” some tips & tricks for themselves. Further on participants had online marketing workshops where saw examples and learned how they can use social networks to promote and sell their art crafts / creative items.

As a result of this project we published the E -brochure, which you can download through dropbox.